Ang Pangako

This is a Short Story that I read and want to share.
Girl: Happy Birthday Baby! 

Boy: Thank You Baby! 

Girl: I'll be there in your house before 7'oclock pm tonight. 

Boy: Promise??? 

Girl: Promise! Darating ako Baby. I Love you so much.. No matter what happen.. 

Boy: Ang sweet naman nang Baby ko. Sige, and I'll cook for our dinner. 

Girl: Talaga?Sige baby,I'll promise pupunta ako. It's your special day kaya dapat magkasama tayo.. 

Excited na si Boy habang hinihintay c girl sa bahay nia. Exactly 7'oclock in the evening nang dumating c girl.. 

Crying Dead

Way back some years ago, I worked at Lacoste Store in Manila as Sales Consultant. I have been there for five months and I met Wacky, one of my friends in that store. We became close since we have many things in common. We always eat together every lunch break. One day, our stockman was taking his break time, so we obliged ourselves to get stocks from the stockroom.

Wacky told me to go to the stockroom to get his stock. I was puzzled because he was the one who always gets his stock. In lunch time, he opened up to me what was really happened to him why he asked me to get his stock. He told me that there was a woman who was standing at the end of the stockroom. I told him to stop scaring me since I was not really scared at all. But then again, Wacky told me that I will not really be scared because my third eye was closed. That was the beginning that Wacky experienced things that cannot be seen by a naked eye.

He also told me a story that was happened in their province where his cousin’s friend died because he was bullied by a group of teens. They went on the wake on his last night and he heard someone is crying at around 1:00 a.m. Wacky did not bother himself because he was thinking it was a sort of graving for their lost. But after some minutes, he heard again that someone is really crying and this time it lasts for more than minutes. Then he heard someone saying that he does not want to die.

There are only few people in the wake in the last night and it was 2:00 a.m. when Wacky heard again that someone is crying, so he tells it to his cousin. His cousin believed him because he knew that my friend really has a third eye. Wacky was scared to death when he heard again the cry of someone he did not see and repeatedly saying he does not want to die… he does not want to die…

I mocked him if he just only making an urban legend or something about the story he told me. I was shocked when he said that he is not the only one who heard that crying, but also all of the people who went to that wake. So they offer a little prayer until the crying was gone.

That is why I believed in his story, not because he has a third eye, I believed in him because he is a good friend of mine and he was very sincere in telling me that story. In my point of view, that guy who was stabbed and died was not ready yet to leave this world. I also guess that he still wants to do many things and fulfill his dreams but as the accident happened he died.

The lesson I’ve learned is that as we are still alive, let us give importance to those people that we love and love us in return no matter what happen. We also need to show them how much we cared for them so that in time that the Almighty God takes our life, we are ready to leave this world.

Short Story (Small Creature)

When I was working in Shipyard at Subic Bay, I was having my break time at 12:00 to 1:00 a.m. since I was working on night shift. My co-worker, who was living in Calaguiman, Samal Bataan, told me a story about his experienced in that place. He also elaborated that the name of their place was also means a place of dread.

It was on the month of March when they were vacationers from Manila arrived in their place. My co-worker said that those vacationers were all pretty. As the night fall, Chris, my co-worker in Shipyard, hang out with his friends outside their house to see those pretty vacationers who just arrived in their place.

They were in the dim place where there are no lights so that the vacationers will not see them. As the time passed, they saw a man who is crossing the street to go in the house of the vacationers. When the man is crossing the street, they saw some little creatures that were following him. Those were not surely children since it was already late at night and they were not allowed to go outside. Because of what they saw, they were screaming and very scared so they decided to go home.

Since that accident, Chris and his friends were not going outside to hang out. Until now, those little creatures that they saw following the man is still a puzzle to them. Chris also described those little creatures to me that their height did not reach the man’s knee and their head was somewhat big.

The 1980’s Love Tragic: Loving Eternally

Before I started to work as SEO, I worked as ship welder and fitter in a Korean Company. Sometimes, our schedule re-shuffle, you can work in the morning or even at night. My schedule turned at night shift and I finished my work early by around 11 p.m. Even though we were finished, we cannot go outside the site since there is a security guard in the gang way, so I decided to have some rest at the deck of the ship. There is also one security guard in that area. We started having conversion and he begun telling me about a tragic story that was happened in the 1980’s.

That story happened 20 years ago but the guard said that it is one of his sister’s stories that he will never forget. This story really happened to his sister name Jane and her best friend Aisa. It was a Saturday morning when Aisa told his sister that she want to break up her boyfriend name Leo because she does not love him anymore. Jane advised her to think about it first before making any move towards their relationship. That is why her best friend and her boyfriend talked about it.

Sunday morning when Leo came at their house and he go to a full-size mirror to see what he looks and comb his hair. Jane was shocked since she knew that Leo did not entering their house without having permission to them. So Jane asks him what he is doing in their house. She also noticed that he is wearing a white polo. Leo answered that he and Aisa will go to church. When Leo decided to go outside, he met Aisa in the hallway and they begun having argument. Jane heard them since she was very near to Aisa and Leo. She also heard that Aisa said that she really wanted to call it quits, but Leo answers that they will never separate whatever happens.

Jason at Room A12

Do you believe in Ghost? Others believe and others don’t, but me? No, but I actually experienced ghost bumps but a real Ghost? No, I never see any of them. Let me share you this short story of mine that I have experienced years ago. It is not actually a ghost but a so-called Paranormal. I studied Care Giver Course way back then and we have our On the Job Training (OJT) at Home for the Aged at Manila, Philippines. In our first week we took care of all the elder people and in our second week our task was to care for children with cerebral palsy or what they called special children.

One night, me together with my classmates were in our boarding house, Merly, one of our classmate suddenly cry while she was sleeping. Me and my other classmates wondered what’s happening to her. So I told Vernie to wake her up maybe she was having a nightmare. Merly suddenly talked and said “they have forsaken me” “they did not care for me”.  I ran to her bed and slap her, then she started crying, I thought she cried because I slapped her but no, she kept on crying and said again “they have forsaken me”.  I grabbed her and I hugged at her back so that she cannot moved, Merly became strong with no reason, I asked her “who are you” and she answered me he is Jason “I am the one who died at room A12”. This revelation shocked all of us! Then again Merly said “they have forsaken me, I was the one who was left at that room”. One of my classmates called our landlady and our landlady prayed. After the prayer, Merly woke up and didn’t know what was happening to her awhile ago, she asked us what happen? All of us can’t answer her because we’re still shocked with had happened.